Contest calendar: + VHF-UHF FT8 Activity Contest 1700Z-2000Z, Oct 13 + RSGB 80m Autumn Series, Data 1900Z-2030Z, Oct 13 + New York QSO Party 1400Z, Oct 16 to 0200Z, Oct 17 + Worked All Germany Contest 1500Z, Oct 16 to 1459Z, Oct 17 + Argentina National 7 MHz Contest 2130Z-2230Z, Oct 16 + Illinois QSO Party 1700Z, Oct 17 to 0100Z, Oct 18 + RSGB RoLo CW 1900Z-2030Z, Oct 17 + Run for the Bacon QRP Contest 2300Z, Oct 17 to 0100Z, Oct 18 + ARRL School Club Roundup 1300Z, Oct 18 to 2359Z, Oct 22 + RSGB FT4 Contest Series 1900Z-2030Z, Oct 18 + Worldwide Sideband Activity Contest 0100Z-0159Z, Oct 19 + Walk for the Bacon QRP Contest 0000Z-0100Z, Oct 21 and 0200Z-0300Z, Oct 22 + ARRL EME Contest 0000Z, Oct 23 to 2359Z, Oct 24 + UK/EI DX Contest, SSB 1200Z, Oct 23 to 1200Z, Oct 24 + Stew Perry Topband Challenge 1500Z, Oct 23 to 1500Z, Oct 24 + North American SSB Sprint Contest 0000Z-0400Z, Oct 24 + Telephone Pioneers QSO Party 1800Z, Oct 24 to 0300Z, Oct 25 and 1800Z, Oct 25 to 0300Z, Oct 26 + UKEICC 80m Contest 2000Z-2100Z, Oct 27 + RSGB 80m Autumn Series, SSB 2000Z-2130Z, Oct 28 + Zombie Shuffle 1600-2400 local, Oct 29 + CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB 0000Z, Oct 30 to 2359Z, Oct 31 How we did it! The RTTY Contest <> wrote: Well, got to playing around with this contest, to just learn, and then fell into a rabbit hole... I need to take my wife out to a good dinner to get out of the dog house now. This was a good contest to learn the ropes , as there are so many people on the air, it is easy to just watch and learn if you are new to Contesting and RTTY. Struggled at first getting RTTY on FLDigi, my new radio (ICOM 7300), and my logging software (N3FJP) setup correctly and all talking. I tuned up 20M and just set and watched the back and forth for a while, and tweaked all of my macros based upon what I saw other doing. K8MP gave some really good information that helped quite a bit (Thanks Joe!). After 30 minutes, I felt I was ready to go and answered a CQ. At first I was not ready for the speed of the exchanges, but got the hang of it pretty quickly. After making about 40 QSOs, I decided to squat and call CQ for a while. That proved to be a massive waste of time..... After 90 minutes of calling CQ (a couple of hundred times over 3 bands), I had only made 3 contacts, so I went back to "Seek and Destroy", uhhh -- I mean "Search and Contact"... :) Spent way too much time on this contest this weekend as it was pretty addicting. I would recommend it in the future to anyone who has never done it before, getting contacts is like shooting fish in a barrel once you get going. I decided to stay off the air most of the day today to get caught up with all the Adult things I was supposed to do on Saturday. Here are my submitted stats, mostly from Saturday and a few for today. Total Contacts: 144 Total QSO Points: 253 Total Multipliers: 127 Total Score: 32,131 Points I am pretty happy with my score considering I didn't know jack going into it, and only operated a day. Lots of fun! Ed - KD8YQQ = = = = = Glad you finally got N3FJP working. Not sure why it was not logging the state. I spent 20hrs and 30 minutes, took time off to go to church and the OSU Game on Sat, ended up with 766 contacts, 1660 QSO Points, 301 Multipliers, 508,690 claimed points. Not bad for an old guy. Larry N8CWU = = = = = I only made about 40 contacts. I got brave today and called CQ for a little while. I ran low power so I wouldn't create a pileup. After notes: For sending macros, I found myself splitting time between the F keys and mouse clicks. After a few contacts, I modified my macros. I had one macro that sent "TU K8MP QRZ?" and a separate one that only logged the QSO. I added one that sent "TU K8MP QRZ?" and also logged the QSO, all in one step. Is there a quicker way to populate the call sign field besides clicking on the call sign in the receive screen? Hitting a target that moves can be a challenge. I was disappointed that FLDIGI can't output a cabrillo file. Is that why you interfaced your FLDIGI to N3FJP? Later, Joe = = = = =