Here’s MUD in your eye…er…radio

Kudo’s to the organizers of the first annual “MUD” operating event- in which members of the Madison, Union, and Delaware County radio clubs got to know one another! The purpose of the event was to bring different radio clubs together, and perhaps introduce each other in order to become more familiar on the air and to feel more comfortable operating the club repeaters. It was also a great chance to check our antenna coverage for times when we might really need to communicate! The three-hour operating event included making contact on the various club repeaters and on simplex frequencies. Suggested frequencies included 6 meters, 2 meters and 440. The three county club stations were also in operation for the event. Scored were simple - contacts were limited to one ~per repeater~ so it was possible to make a number of contacts with the same station- resulting in valid tests of repeater access. DELARA President Mike, W8MDC, is in the process of collecting scores, and will have a report on the event at our club meeting this month. Several operators reported making contacts numbering in the high 30’s and low 40’s. The exchange included name and county, with some optional additional detail such as license class and year so that we could share a little personal information to get to know each other better.