Another big score for K3LR

K3LR may have done it again! This team achieved the #1 multi-multi USA claimed score in the 2022 CQWW Phone Contest. This year marks the "diamond" 30th anniversary of multi-multi operations from K3LR. - ARRL Contest Letter


I only operated about 12 hours but it was FUN! I worked HAI-Tom and CWU-Larry. I was thinking there was one other member but I can't recall for sure. As you can see from my totals, 80 was my money band. I checked 160 once or twice but only heard one station. The "SS" contest is one of the rare ones where you can only work a station one time overall so there's no point in wasting time on any particular band, except to get distant multipliers. I got Alaska and Hawaii on 20. I never heard North Dakota, US Virgin Islands, and a couple Canadian provinces. 2022 ARRL NOVEMBER SWEEPSTAKES CW Call used: K8MP Location: OH Category: Single-Op Mode: CW Power: High Callsign of Operator(s): K8MP Exchanged Information: nr B K8MP 62 OH Hours of Operation: 12:08 band QSOs points ------------------------------------- 160 0 0 80 332 664 40 170 340 20 91 182 15 89 178 10 14 28 ------------------------------------- TOTAL 696 1392 X 80 multipliers = 111,360