Field Day

2022 Results are in!

DELARA’s 2022 Field Day effort resulted in a solid score of 8124 points. That put us in the #2 position nationwide in category 4F. The number one crew was in Santa Clara with 14068 points. QST reports modest increases in portable class A and B, mobile Class C, and EOC Class F stations. Class A and B stations made up over 37%, mobile and class F stations showed 4% and the remaining 58% were home stations. There were 4,929 entries submitted with a total of 29,679 hams participating. The news hidden inside the copy: total number of entries decreased by a whipping 17.5% compared to 2021 (which was a low year to begin with) sso overall participation continues a decline. Likewise, there was a decrease of 11% over the number of contacts made last year. In our category 4F, there were 157 entries. We did suffer inter-station interference issues again, but work continues to try to resolve this problem. We’re hoping the rennovation of the ARC building - and the removal of the antiquated phone system - will be a step to reducing the noise. Excellent work from everyone! We’ll see what happens in 2023!