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Amateur Radio Resources in Delaware County

Delaware County ARES has some unique and creative resources available for activities. Three of our members have developed mobile communications vehicles (all trailers as it turns out) for dedicated radio operation. There are some interesting stories behind them.

“Canned Ham II” - the Delaware ARES communications trailer by Stan Broadway, N8BHL, engineered by Tim Smith, K8TBN. 

“Camo Ham” the sexy little trailer converted by Craig Miller, W8CR

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Another resource being cultivated by Delaware County ARES is digital file transfer. This offers a significant advantage during emergencies. Ham Radio has been using different protocols for years. We are able to transmit files and official FEMA incident forms over local radio frequencies.

A newer, high speed data transfer system has been developed called “HSMM-MESH” or HAM Broadband Mesh. This reprograms regular Wi-Fi routers on the Ham Radio bands to form a self-administering high-speed network which serves as a backbone for computer connections, camera feeds, and many other resources. We have a development group underway with this new tool!

We have four Amateur Radio repeaters available in Delaware County:

ARES N8DCA  145.19 (open)

W8SMK       145.17 (Tone)

KA8IWB      145.29 (123 tone)

W8SJV       443.55 (open)

Many of our members have outside expertise which will be most valuable to our served agencies. From Astronomical engineering (really) to service in the Public Safety fields, our members know their stuff.


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