Delaware County ARES is made up complete of volunteers- well trained, experienced radio operators who are dedicated to serving our neighbors! We have several leadership positions which are structured by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL):

“Emergency Coordinator” responsible for overall operation in the county
Don Rooks, K8AOKL

Assistant EC responsible for overall operation as “Number Two”
Craig Miller, W8CR

AEC Special Projects
Dr. Bob Dixon, W8ERD

AEC Digital Communication responsible for researching and applying new technology

AEC Tactical Operations  responsible for deployment and structure in an emergency response
Craig Miller W8CR

AEC PIO  responsible for public information

AEC Technical Assistant  responsible for operation of repeater communications and other resources in an emergency
John Beal, W8SJV
Ken Bird, W8SMK

AEC National Traffic System Liaison  responsible for message traffic
Larry Mittman, N9AUG

AEC Volunteers  responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers
Joe Papworth, K8MP

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