ARES Training

ARES and Amateur Radio in general is in a constant state of improving our operating skills. Many, in ARES, hone their operating by providing public service - communicating for small and large events such as the 2011 Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA) and the Giant Eagle Iron Man Marathon. Other Ham Radio operators become highly skilled by operating in contests- requiring intense concentration over long periods of time and fast/accurate voice and Morse Code skills. All of this is primarily because it’s a hobby, something that provides fun and satisfaction. But it’s also being in a state of readiness, in case “The Big One” comes along.

Training Documents


  1. New- Delaware ARES Operations Manual
  2. Delaware ARES Net essentials
  3. Winter preparedness
  4. Training Document: The Blizzard of 2011
  5. Net operating essentials
  6. Search and Rescue Marking
  7. Elements of Triage; SMART Triage
  8. I’m a Net Control - Now What?
  9. Event Management Checklist



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