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There are many study guides and practice exam sites on the Internet. Here are several: All license classes: Part 97 of the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations: http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text- idx?SID=19acadce187bd754df9379b1f972e2d1&mc%20=true&node=pt47.5.97&rgn=div5 Part 97 FCC information regarding vanity callsigns http://wireless.fcc.gov/services/index.htm?job=call_signs_3&id=amateur&page=1" target="_blank" FCC Registration Number (FRN) Frequently Asked Questions https://apps.fcc.gov/coresWeb/publicHome.do?faq=true Register for an FRN http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/index.htm?job=about_getting_started Practice Exam Sites  These websites offer FREE practice exams to help you prepare for your amateur radio license exams(s). http://aa9pw.com/ https://www.qrz.com/hamtest/ http://arrlexamreview.appspot.com Technician http://ncvec.org/page.php?id=362 Element 2 (Technician) http://www.w5yi.org/catalog_details.php?pid=76  Gordon West 2014-2018 Technician Class Book https://www.arrl.org/shop/ARRL-Ham-Radio-License-Manual-3rd-Edition/  ARRL Ham Radio License Manual 3rd Edition http://www.arrl.org/shop/ARRL-Ham-Radio-License-Manual-Spiral-Bound/ ARRL Ham Radio License Manual Spiral Bound http://www.arrl.org/shop/ARRL-s-Tech-Q-and-A-6th-Edition/ ARRL Technician Q&A 6th Edition Online course for the Technician Class exam. Highly effective, most students pass easily after just 10 hours of study:  http://www.arrl.org/shop/Technician-Course-HamTestOnline/ Technician Course (HamTestOnline) General http://ncvec.org/page.php?id=364 Element 3 (General) http://www.w5yi.org/catalog_details.php?pid=72&sort=4 Gordon West General Class Study Manual 2015-2019 http://www.arrl.org/shop/ARRL-General-Class-License-Manual-8th-Edition/ ARRL General Class License Manual 8th Edition http://www.arrl.org/shop/ARRL-General-Class-License-Manual-Spiral-Bound/">ARRL General Class License Manual Spiral Bound\ http://www.arrl.org/shop/ARRL-s-General-Q-and-A-5th-Edition/ ARRL General Q&A 5th Edition Online course for the General Class exam. Highly effective, most students pass easily after just 20 hours of study: http://www.arrl.org/shop/General-Course-HamTestOnline/ General Course (HamTestOnline) Extra http://www.ncvec.org/page.php?id=365 Element 4 (Extra) http://www.w5yi.org/catalog_details.php?pid=65&sort=4 Gordon West Extra Class Study Manual 2016-2020 http://www.arrl.org/shop/ARRL-Extra-Class-License-Manual-11th-Edition/ ARRL Extra Class License Manual 11th Edition http://www.arrl.org/shop/ARRL-Extra-Class-License-Manual-Spiral-Bound/ ARRL Extra Class License Manual Spiral Bound http://www.arrl.org/shop/ARRL-s-Extra-Q-and-A-4th-Edition/ ARRL Extra Q&A 4th Edition Online course for the Extra Class exam. Highly effective, most students pass easily after just 30 hours of study: http://www.arrl.org/shop/Extra-Course-HamTestOnline/ Extra Course (HamTestOnline)

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