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DELARA is a remarkable Amateur Radio Association! From being a “Special Service Club” with the ARRL, to a simply great group of people interested in the hobby, DELARA has a lot to offer. Our annual dues have been reduced to $20.00 for a full voting membership. We collect dues during the first two months of the year. There are other categories of membership- a non-voting spouse is $2.00, and a non-voting associate membership is $5.00. Download the membership form from the “Forms” menu, and follow instructions. Or, bring the dues to the next meeting for Ken. You can simply click the button, and pay your 2017 dues by PayPal! You may “keep shopping” - add more memberships into your cart as you wish - then pay conveniently at one time.

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Welcome to DELARA
The Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware Ohio
You may use this “Donate” button to donate additional funds to DELARA, or earmark funds for a specific purpose.                        

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