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Field Day Information!

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DELARA Field Day

Even before the 1930’s, amateur radio has had as a main purpose communicating in the interest of public safety. Hams are ready- often the first to be heard from a stricken area around the world, hams have the ability to ‘get on the air’ and provide needed communication. Field Day is one way we test to make sure that we are ready!
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Welcome to DELARA
The Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware Ohio
Field Day is a highlight of the year for DELARA members, and this year was no exception. Great help, lots of people, super food, no major radio catastrophes, and lots of operating all contributed to the success of our effort. DELARA Field Day was held at the DELARA club station in the Delaware Red Cross building. The benefits were important: very little effort to set up and tear down the additions to the site, very good radios in place at the station, excellent facilities for operating, for the GOTA station, and for the well-attended Saturday Night Dinner. One of the greatest things about DELARA is that a LOT of people pitch in on our projects! Field Day was no exception. It’s impossible to single out every person, so a blanket but very sincere thank you goes out to all! We do need to single out Chef Tim, who works from Friday on preparing food including the wonderful smoked hog dinner. But he doesn’t stop there- he’s busy for the entire weekend so we can enjoy the event. Grant did a great job of “go-fer” and was a welcome point for visitors. Prez Joe was on top of the effort, coordinating and operating. Bob, GOTA King, was in his element! The GOTA room was a great display, and it was nice to be able to watch the station. His report: Many, many thanks to an assortment of individuals who gave up a lot of time and put in a lot of effort to organize and execute DELARA’s Field Day effort this year. Also, thanks to those who stopped by and said hello and, perhaps, operated one of the radios. We hope that it was an interesting event and that you, perhaps, learned something. We had challenges that included some noise and interference problems. It might be that propagation issues affected us. But, there were some interesting moments; ask a few of us about the early morning bird in the lady’s restroom adventure. In case you are worried or concerned, no creatures were harmed during the course of said adventure. Looking at the raw score summary, we got the most points from 40 CW - no surprise - followed very closely by 80 CW. Once again, 80 phone had the most contacts. Looks like phone in general, other than the 80/20 garage gang, struggled. For some weird reason we had a 160 meter phone contact so somebody must have snuck in when we were not looking and messed with our logs. Obviously, there is a much more likely answer, but I’m very tired and my mind is not working correctly. I still hear Morse code no matter where I am. The good: Tim once again made sure that food was no worry at all. Actually for me, the worry was how to stop going over to the food table, but that is (probably) not Tim’s fault. Looked like the GOTA room was active most of the time. The medium: I thought attendance was down from last year, perhaps by 15 to 20 or so. The bad: noise did not seem to be a big problem at the start but it sure was before sunrise today. Interference was a constant issue with the two CW stations frequently taking one or the other out. 20 meter CW became almost unusable because of what we think was phase noise coming from the GOTA station. Interestingly, we had both a CW station and the GOTA station on 40 meters then 20 meters simultaneously within about 20 kHz of each other (in CW mode). Unfortunately, more satellite passes still resulted in no joy for us. Dale took some notes which looks to include not being able to use loops in the future (for FD). It looks like some kind of receiving system (beverage-on-ground) may be necessary. It seems like the filters for the GOTA station worked but we’re not sure about the others. It is unfortunate that the 40/15 SSB station faced major difficulties much of the time for the second year. A few people discussed going back out to Sciota Park. We should keep in mind the goal of Field Day itself and why the Red Cross has generally been supportive of us over the last few years: the ability to provide emergency communications should the need arise. In discussing whether to stay at the Red Cross or go back to the park, let’s look at whether we are in this to pile up lots of points or provide a fellowship and training opportunity for the community and our members. I think we are unlikely to do 4F again. Who knows, maybe something magical will happen and we can solve these recurring issues. Thanks again. If you have your own thoughts about the FD 2018, please let me know.

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